The Upcoming New Business Plaza- Centrium Square

Centrium Square is the future project undertaken by the well-known real estate builder the Tong Eng Brothers. It is strategically located at Serangoon Road in District 08. The on-going project is estimated to be completed by 2019. This commercial building has been designed with modern and elegant architectural design. It has a superior quality of exterior and interior decorations that suits the best business needs.

the upcoming new business plaza centrium square

Reasons to go for Centrium Square-

The foremost important is the human traffic present in this location. The high office crowds that usually have their meals and marketing in this location are the major advantage to the commercial business merchants.

It has a connection to all the basic public mode of transportation. One can easily facilitate the public transport. There are some major expressways that connect to this location. Some of these are Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), Central Expressway (CTE) and Pan Island Expressways (PIE). It also has several MRT stations that people can easily avail. Some of them are Lavender MRT station, Bras Basah MRT station, Little India MRT station and Ferrer Park MRT station.

Superior infrastructure facility- It has a large glass window with a high ceiling that facilitates more working space both for merchants and its clients or customers. It has well efficient lift and spacious car parking facility. It has well-designed structural units to provide different and specific activity and productivity related to the business.

As proven by the nearby Little India freehold shops, Centrium Square has high rental returns as it is located in the heart of the city. The higher demand of the place for commercial purpose leads to such high revenue returns. It is surrounded by numerous commercial spots such Bars & Restaurants, Shopping malls and Supermarkets, Commercial stores etc. that attract a lot of human traffic.

The Renowned Builder

The Tong Eng Brothers is one of the leading real estate construction companies that have undertaken the Centrium Square. It has many remarkable building constructions all over Singapore that leads to its fame and establishment.

Poiz residences are one of the best condos with integrated shopping malls

There are several things to look for when you are in search for a condo. You should be able to find some of the most basic amenities along with other extravagant facilities. You must also know that you cannot find a single condo which is perfect for anyone. You will definitely find some of the ups and downs while looking for a condo. This article gives you a complete list of what you need to look and where you need to look. For starters, you can easily give the Poiz residences a try.

poiz residences are one of the best condos with integrated shopping malls

Keep the main criteria the location in mind

If you see that the condo is demanding a higher price, then keep in mind the location. First of all, if you see that the location is providing you all the required necessities, then it is quite natural that the condo is going to offer you a high price. However, keeping the price a bit away, you must look for condos that will provide you several benefits.

The Poiz residences give you the facility of Potong Paris MRT station. This gives you the freedom to readily access the station whenever you want. During any kind of emergency, you can find all the necessary requirements nearby.

Entertainment facility

Not just the station, for entertainment needs, you will find the shopping mall integrated with the condo. Thus, if you want to shop, you don’t have to travel any extra kilometers from the condo. The shopping mall is present where you want it to, and that is right under your nose.

Other facilities

Among other facilities, the Poiz residences are very close to the bus stop, you can easily any bus if you have to go anywhere close. You should definitely give this place a chance. Do visit this place and bring your friends as well, as this is a great place where you can hangout and relax.

Foods that Increase Breast Size or the Enlargement Pill?

There is hardly any woman in this world who doesn’t want to look sexy and gorgeous in any special moment. It is a fact that a good shape and size of a breast is the key attraction of an woman body. So, women have flat-chest always eager to opt the solution which will help to enhance their breast size. When you are thinking about talking breast enhancement pills, there is always a question in mind that whether it is safe or not. Hundred of questions can arise in your mind that is it really work or not, if it has any side effects or not etc. But at first you should come up with the answer that if it is safe or not. After that you should go to any conclusion.

foods that increase breast size or the enlargement pill

Health benefits

You can actually opt for foods that increase breast size naturally. If you are going to take a herbal product then it is very effective without any side effect. Natural and herbal pills never contain any artificial chemicals or steroids. If you choose right products knowing carefully the ingredients in it you must get an effective result always. Herbal pills always contain good nutrients that help your body for a hormonal change. It helps to glow your skin because it contains antioxidant which prevents cell damage.

Some disadvantages

Like advantages breast enhancement pills have some disadvantages too. If you take pills without any expert suggestion it can be proved harmful. Sometimes women do mistakes in choosing good pills for them and start taking chemical products. Some chemical products have several side effects. The most prominent effect is that it may take too many times and you can get impatient. And if you are not able to pick a right one it can prove as a disaster. So, it’s better to consult a physician before any medication. It will be good for your body and your breast too. You can achieve a good shape with natural breast enlargement.

Things to consider while buying a Water Purifier

The individuals who need to locate the best water purifier need to examine the planned utilization of this machine to make sense of how to discover models that are most good with a certain space, and have the best cutting edge components to serve their clients. A wide exhibit of water distributor models work in distinctive approaches to give the tenants of a space with clean drinking water.

things to consider while buying a water purifier


One of the first things to think about is its size. Regularly, the ledge space existing for the machine will be little. The purchaser needs to verify that a certain model will fit a limited region that is assigned for it.


Usability is a typical issue for the individuals who are picking between water dispenser models. A considerable lot of these have basic fixtures or taps that are either lever or catch worked. Some of these administering parts can be preferred made over others. Purchasers can search for whether an apportioning spigot gives great water stream, controls potential spilling, and works reliably.

Extra unique features

Some of the individuals who are searching for the best water purifier assess unique elements for the family or office as required. One of these is water filtration. Dissimilar to most customary drinking fountains, cutting edge ledge water allocator plans frequently have filtration and purging frameworks constructed in. These can be as straightforward as one level charcoal filtration, or more perplexing, with different levels of filtration. Water refinement is a “quality included’ part of the best models on today’s business.


Another exceptional component is the capacity of a water dispenser, or comparative apparatus, to successfully warmth or cool water. As indicated by the needs of a home or office, purchasers can pick models that will convey boiling hot water for hot beverages and chilled water for customary hydration. These models are generally viewed as better than more fundamental models that essentially hold water for apportioning.

Build a home at a High Park Residence in Singapore

The High Park residences Singapore were built on a propertied land which was on lease for 99 years. There are approximately about close to 1400 residential units in this locality and all of them are equally magnificent. These homes were constructed by very renowned developers of Singapore namely Heeton Homes, Kim Seng Heng Realty and Chip Eng Seng.

build a home at a high park residence in singapore

The Infrastructure

The infrastructure of any High Park Residences is captivating mainly because of its large rooms which are constituted with ceilings which are high allowing a lot of air to circulate keeping the rooms cool. There are a number of large windows which help to bring in the light and allow the homes to be naturally lit and radiate explicit grandeur. It is truly a unique entity in which every residence has been crafted to perfection and will not disappoint owners of the homes. All the possible needs of a buyer have been looked into from comfort to safety and even recreation all aspects have been elaborated and enhanced.

The Neighborhood

It is a popular notion that the safest neighborhood in the whole of Singapore is perhaps the one at the High park residence Fernvale. These residences are located on the Fernvale road and are the future of Singapore residential properties. It is moreover a popular neighborhood because it has very good schools, colleges and universities surrounding the place. There are a number of shopping malls, restaurants and even hospitals near the high park area. This means that whatever is your requirement you need not travel far to get it. Besides daily requirements you will have easy access to places which are for entertainment and relaxation. Moving to a new place can seem difficult because it is an unknown place with unknown people. Therefore it must be added that the people in these condos are warm and welcoming and will make you feel at home from the day you move in.

City Gate in Beach Road: The new kid in the ‘Block’?

Funded by Bayfront Ventures Pvt. Ltd, City Gate is one of the newest big budget development schemes in Beach Road, Singapore. You might have read or heard about it elsewhere. Basically, the Beach Road area was pretty deserted and empty, so the company took the opportunity to cash in on their chance, and give people something that was always lacking in a place as huge as this.

city gate in beach road the new kid in the block

Foundation and Layout

Being the big budget blockbuster that it was aiming to be, City Gate Singapore undoubtedly covers a huge area of Beach Road. Also, it is located in the busiest junction in the whole of Singapore. That alone keeps the place busy and noisy. At the moment, there are 311 residential units in the main residential building, and plans are being made to turn the building into a 30 storeyed one in the near future.

Needless to say, there are a lot of shopping units, 3 storeys to be exact. These are also accompanied by dining halls, which are scattered around in the floors. As far as the residential unit is concerned, each unit has 1-4 bedrooms along with few penthouse units. The floors of the kitchen, bathroom and dining room are made of pure marble, while that of the bedrooms are made of timber.

Iconic Views and a vibrant City life

  • You will get to see a direct view of the Kampong Glam from the main building.
  • You will find a mixture in views between the busy city life, tall buildings and the natural beauty of the wide open seas, which disappear in the horizon.
  • The view from the Sky-Park is also one worth cherishing.
  • The aura of city life is also ever-present in City Gate.

Good Connectivity

All the main MRT stations are really close from the main building of City Gate Singapore. There is also an availability of buses although they are tight in schedule and really few in number. So, all in all, this is really a great place to hang around in. More so, if you want to settle here permanently. All the features is provides make for a vibrant but comfortable lifestyle.

Live in style and luxury

All of us have the desire to own a beautiful house where we can live peacefully and have fun times to share with our family. We all work hard to find out the perfect location for a house, but quite often, chasing and finally settling on a house is quite a tedious task. Since buying a house is a huge investment, one must do detailed study, and should be clear about his/ her preferences. Many of us would want to live close to or in the city itself, while some may want to just escape the hustle bustle of city life. It is ultimately a matter of personal preferences. For those who want luxury in a hypnotizing combination with serenity and solitude, Kingsford Waterbay private condo which is located in Serangoon is a great option.

live in style and luxury

What makes Kingsford Waterbay private condominium so unique?

The private condominiums located at Serangoon offer a lifestyle with all the luxuries of modern life with the much need solace packed with it. There are apartments available with 3,4, or 5 bedrooms in three different towers. Basic facilities have been incorporated right at the fundamental level, like the car park, tennis court, club house etc. The residential units are located just near fernvale mall and Greenwich V.

Connectivity with Singapore

The location is well connected with Singapore . Public transports like buses ply from Upper Serangoon road. Also, it hardly takes around thirty minutes on KPE expressway to reach the main hubs in the city.
The calm and serene surroundings blended in style with modern luxuries and amenities are a combination like no other. Owning a private space like Kingsford Waterbay will not only make you a proud house owner but it will be an investment which will be great for your future also.

The luxurious apartments: Singapore

Extravagance Sims Urban Oasis apartment suite group ought to have a decent blend of urban and country components. You get the nature vibe right in the heart of the city. There are sensible luxuries. Pool, cabanas, exercise center, and clubhouse are standard. There are likewise running ways where you can have reviving morning runs and a field for game exercises, for example, badminton/ tennis, ball, and the preferences. Biking trails are beginning to get in style, as well. They have a decently sorted out stopping territory. The foundations are of fine quality.

the luxurious apartments singapore


The sum of square footage of a condominium unit is normally not exactly the costs of an indistinguishable confined lodging. Your month to month premiums on a credit will likewise be lower than what you would have paid for rent on a loft unit having relative space and quality. The continuous costs for the Sims Urban Oasis in Singapore condo living is additionally less expensive. Condominiums require less support to keep the structure fit as a fiddle. There are likewise no yards to keep up or plumbing frameworks to stress over.


A condo building authorizes day in and day out staff and utilizes the most recent security frameworks there is for military-grade insurance for its building inhabitants. The passage ought to be initially picked up through the normal passageway way and afterward to a private passage. To include, since the quantity of individuals you live within the same building is constrained, occupants frequently notice individuals who don’t have a place with the group thus culprits are ceased even before they can pass the anteroom.

Considering all the things talked about, a genuinely lavish apartment suite is a place that you can call your haven; it is your own little heaven; a spot where you truly need to be.

Start Living the Life in Superfluity in Symphony Suites

An upcoming residential property that’s going to change the way people look at condo living is obviously The Symphony Suites. It is the resort style condo that would bring in freshness in the city living. This property aims at providing you with the best facilities by 2019 and enables you to live a resort style living environment. The property is designed in such way that the residents feel that they are at the top of the world when they start living in this 15 story buildings.

start living the life in superfluity in symphony suites

Views from 6th floor and beyond leave residents in awe

In the Symphony Suites located at Yishun Avenue 9, if you own your property on or above 6th floor, you would just be enchanted with the magnificent view that you would get. Even when you would go through tough time, you would find that these aesthetic views can relax your stress. You would feel proud for taking decision of owning an apartment in these resort style condos. Your lifestyle would simply change after you start living out there.

It’s a Holiday Everyday

Staying at the resort style condos in Yishun Avenue 9 would make you feel that its holiday every day. The various facilities that you would get here and the amenities that surround the area of the condominium would make you feel that fun is now a part of your life and you can simply enjoy every moment.

The pool of the property is designed in such a way that it would resemble the pools of the best resorts of the world. Spending leisure time out there would be fun for you and your family.

Take your lifestyle to new heights with Orchard Road elevation

Near Symphony Suites, you would find Orchard Road that has the luxurious shopping galore. Hence, when you start living at this condo, your lifestyle would surely elevate.

Why The Terrace condominium is an outstanding choice to go for?

A Singapore condominium or ‘condo’ in short, is a complex project in which individuals units are sold. When you buy a unit in a condominium, you have individual ownership of everything within the walls of the unit. You have shared ownership with the other owners of the common property such as the elevators, club house, swimming pool, tennis courts, gym and other public facilities at the same time. The Terrace will be an ultimate option for you.

why the terrace condominium is an outstanding choice to go for

A condominium in The Terrace EC is one of the most common types of housing in Singapore. But not all condominiums in Singapore are the same. Thither is a broad scope of choices available to cater to different market segments of buyers.

At the high end, there is the luxury division of condominiums that cater to those with really deep pockets. Typically, these are situated in the prime districts of Singapore, in areas like The Terrace. They appeal to extremely sophisticated and discerning purchasers who are not simply expecting to purchase a home, but exclusive lifestyle concepts that befit their status.

Developers of luxury condos spare no efforts to ensure the homeowners will enjoy the finest quality in terms of finishing, fittings and fixtures. Facilities and amenities are also top-end. Recently some even engage the services of well-known architects to create distinctive architectural designs and themes that bring up the uniqueness of their projects.

There are condominiums belonging to the mid-level range. These are typically placed near the city peripheries, in areas like The Terrace. These projects are popular due to their close proximity to the city core where the commercial enterprise and entertainment hubs are and full facilities they offer. They likewise occur with assorted sorts of topics that appeal to successful professionals.

The mass-market condominiums such as the Punggol ECs come with good communal facilities. Such condos usually have entry-level pricing if you want to upgrade your individual property.