Build a home at a High Park Residence in Singapore

The High Park residences Singapore were built on a propertied land which was on lease for 99 years. There are approximately about close to 1400 residential units in this locality and all of them are equally magnificent. These homes were constructed by very renowned developers of Singapore namely Heeton Homes, Kim Seng Heng Realty and Chip Eng Seng.

build a home at a high park residence in singapore

The Infrastructure

The infrastructure of any High Park Residences is captivating mainly because of its large rooms which are constituted with ceilings which are high allowing a lot of air to circulate keeping the rooms cool. There are a number of large windows which help to bring in the light and allow the homes to be naturally lit and radiate explicit grandeur. It is truly a unique entity in which every residence has been crafted to perfection and will not disappoint owners of the homes. All the possible needs of a buyer have been looked into from comfort to safety and even recreation all aspects have been elaborated and enhanced.

The Neighborhood

It is a popular notion that the safest neighborhood in the whole of Singapore is perhaps the one at the High park residence Fernvale. These residences are located on the Fernvale road and are the future of Singapore residential properties. It is moreover a popular neighborhood because it has very good schools, colleges and universities surrounding the place. There are a number of shopping malls, restaurants and even hospitals near the high park area. This means that whatever is your requirement you need not travel far to get it. Besides daily requirements you will have easy access to places which are for entertainment and relaxation. Moving to a new place can seem difficult because it is an unknown place with unknown people. Therefore it must be added that the people in these condos are warm and welcoming and will make you feel at home from the day you move in.