City Gate in Beach Road: The new kid in the ‘Block’?

Funded by Bayfront Ventures Pte. Ltd, City Gate is one of the newest big budget development schemes in Beach Road, Singapore. You might have read or heard about it elsewhere. Basically, the Beach Road area was pretty deserted and empty, so the company took the opportunity to cash in on their chance, and give people something that was always lacking in a place as huge as this.

city gate in beach road the new kid in the block

Foundation and Layout

Being the big budget blockbuster that it was aiming to be, City Gate Singapore undoubtedly covers a huge area of Beach Road. Also, it is located in the busiest junction in the whole of Singapore. That alone keeps the place busy and noisy. At the moment, there are 311 residential units in the main residential building, and plans are being made to turn the building into a 30 storeyed one in the near future.

Needless to say, there are a lot of shopping units, 3 storeys to be exact. These are also accompanied by dining halls, which are scattered around in the floors. As far as the residential unit is concerned, each unit has 1-4 bedrooms along with few penthouse units. The floors of the kitchen, bathroom and dining room are made of pure marble, while that of the bedrooms are made of timber.

Iconic Views and a vibrant City life

  • You will get to see a direct view of the Kampong Glam from the main building.
  • You will find a mixture in views between the busy city life, tall buildings and the natural beauty of the wide open seas, which disappear in the horizon.
  • The view from the Sky-Park is also one worth cherishing.
  • The aura of city life is also ever-present in City Gate.

Good Connectivity

All the main MRT stations are really close from the main building of City Gate Singapore. There is also an availability of buses although they are tight in schedule and really few in number. So, all in all, this is really a great place to hang around in. More so, if you want to settle here permanently. All the features is provides make for a vibrant but comfortable lifestyle.