Sturdee residence is another word for convenience and lifestyle!

Are you looking for a condominium? Then you can definitely consider the Sturdee residences in Singapore one of the best condominiums in progress. This place has all the facilities that one needs. Here you will experience the best modern living. This is a very contemporary home space. And the most interesting fact is its location. The location is such that it puts you in place from where you can reach everywhere easily.

sturdee residence is another word for convenience and lifestyle

Unique and comprehensive design

The design of the structure is something that words cannot describe. You need to see it for yourself. The design is unique, which means that you will not find the same design anywhere else.

Why are condominiums becoming so famous?

The first reason why private condominiums are becoming more and more famous than houses is because these are sold at a much lower rate than houses and on top of that, you do not have to worry about the maintenance at all. You get the benefits of a shared community and shared space. All the basic amenities are also readily available here.

Transportation is not a problem

This place can be considered as the most convenient place for transportation. All the train station are within reach. Thus, you will remain very well connected with the other transport system of Singapore, making your life easier.

Shopping and other facilities are also available

If you are worried that shopping and other such facilities will not be available, then you are wrong! The shopping center of Singapore is just a short drive away from this place. Making it more convenient for all the residents of Sturdee Residences.

Entertainment facility is excellent

Along with everything else, the Sturdee residence excels in entertainment. The residents can remain to engage in sports and other recreational facilities as well, the sports complex of this place is nearby and well within reach!